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Working out takes many forms and is vital to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Keeping in line with the guiding principles of 78Fitness, we want you to carry the love of movement from our sandy shores into your home. It’s tempting to skip a workout without the convenience of in-person classes, the latest machines, or an indoor pool, but we are confident you can create your own slice of 78Fitness and Kingston Resorts with this fit and fun home workout plan.

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A Step In The Right Direction

An upbeat way to get your glutes singing is a step aerobics class. A favorite at 78Fitness, step is a workout that improves your cardiovascular health and builds strength. It saves your joints from excessive strain compared to other cardio-based exercises, and it’s fun! At home, you can do a step class with a stair, step stool, or any other elevated, flat object. Just put on your favorite album and step along to the beat. 

Power Through Strength Training

78Fitness offers access to a suite of weight-training equipment to keep up with your goals while away from home. While you’re not vacationing with us and want to replicate your favorite workout at home, you can make your own dumbbells with nearly any household item. Think of a full water bottle, canned goods, or a bag of flour. Look around the house, grab something with a bit of heft, and pump out a few bicep curls. Grab a step on your staircase and do a tricep dip. Your house is your gym!

Women working out at 78Fitness

Racquet Sports Require Reflexes

Pickleball and tennis are popular sports here at Kingston Resorts. With eight courts, four for each pickleball and tennis, under our warm South Carolina sun, you’ll want to ensure you arrive at Kingston Resort with your A-game in tip-top shape. But maybe it’s tricky to find a court in your area, let alone the time of day to practice. If this sounds familiar, an easy solution is to grab a tennis ball and practice hand-eye coordination! Toss the ball at a wall and catch the returning bounce. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, find a wall to rally off of and work on those skills. By the time you get back to Kingston Resorts, you’ll be ready to take on any opponent. 

Woman playing tennis at 78 Fitness

Yoga Is For Everyone

Yoga promotes physical and mental benefits in everyone who practices. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, yoga increases strength, balance, and flexibility, relieves back pain and arthritis symptoms, promotes better sleep and brighter moods, and helps manage stress. We love guiding you through yoga in our serene studio space but encourage you to find your center and move through life’s ups and downs with a reliable home practice. All you need is floor space and a few moments to flow. Check a book out at your local library, find a teacher you like online, or move to the beat of your heart. 

Improve Your Swing Off The Green

With over 80 nearby courses located nearby, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to hit the golf course and work on your swing here at Kingston Resorts with our golf simulator, but that doesn’t mean you can’t practice at home! Do the work at home and come to the green ready to play. Add split squats, dead bugs, push-ups, and pelvic rotations to your workout routine to improve your core strength, mobility, and stability — all key to a strong, fluid game.

Golf simulators at The Landing

Fitness Is Forever

Remember, whether you’re on a fantastic vacation at Kingston Resorts or at home researching your next getaway — health and fitness should always be a priority. 78Fitness has all the tools and equipment you need to get in a good workout on vacation, and we hope this blog has provided some inspiration for a few fun exercises at home! 

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